Aristoteles Sky

Real-time WebGL banner application

After ARISTOTELES, ZULU and IRIS, ARISTOTELES SKY is the fourth of Kaiserwetters products to receive a new key visual graphic and interactive WebGL application. Aristoteles Sky is a real-time production data enriched energy cloud platform for nations. It’s designed to mitigate energy transition risks and to improve accuracy for planning of new capacities like renewable energy generation, storage or grid expansion.

As with the other key visual designs, Aristoteles Sky also needed to be visualized in the same diorama art style. The main challenge for this project in particular was the correct presentation of scale on a heavily stylized visualization. The floating island should be recognized as a large country or continent instead of featuring a small area like in the Iris and Zulu projects. We achieved that large-scale feeling by utilizing curvature, atmospheric effects and depth of field.

WebGL App

As usual, we had to keep performance and data size in mind for the WebGL portion of this project. Parts of the 3D model which are not visible in the app have been deleted in order to reduce file size. Additionally, some geometry was duplicated and placed by script rather than imported as a whole mesh. Shadows, ambient lighting and ambient occlusion have all been baked into a texture and applied onto the models tightly wrapped UV layout.

The WebGL app features control variables to change position, size and animation speed to allow quick and easy customization for web deployment. The entire WebGL project requires just 1300KB and works on all WebGL supported devices.



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