EWW - Das Wohnen von Morgen

Interactive application on transparent touch displays

Wohnen von Morgen is an interactive 3D application created for the energy exposition – Energiesparmesse in Wels. It was designed to inform visitors about the many different possibilities for energy saving and technological enhancements a modern home could offer. The application was presented on two transparent 65″ T-OLED multitouch displays, but was also adapted for WebGL shortly after the exposition.

Transparent Display

The displays were about 70% transparent for black pixels and equipped with an infrared touch detection frame. Visitors could select points of interests, orbit around the 3D scene and zoom with the usual gestures.

28 points of interest were presented as blue icons, which when tapped, provied information about various house installations such as potential energy savings, price range and features, as well as a unique 3D graphic animation to illustrate the function of that particular installation. Every such point also included a represantative contact person, who was available for further consulting. When no input is recognized for a few minutes, the app would go into an automatic mode, switching between points every minute and slightly orbiting the view.



EWW Gruppe



Graphic design and text

Christian Bartak Communication

Nomic Werbeagentur