Verzenios Molecule Puzzle

Medical game app for T-OLED and tablet devices

Verzenios Molecule Puzzle is an interactive game app developed for the POST-SABCS event hosted by the ABCSG (Austrian breast & colorectal cancer study group). A transparent display was chosen to draw in curious visitors, it was later also deployed on iOS tablets. The application consists of a small puzzle game, in which players have to put the molecular structure back together, followed up by a small brand oriented quiz.

The apps interface was created according to Verzenios’s brand design. Because individual visitors would only spent a short time at the display, easy to understand controls and visual feedback were a strong focus on design. Usability was further strengthened by a short tutorial animation at the beginning

Quiz section

After completing the game, visitors could try themselves on a small quiz about various facts and trivia about the product as well as the brand itself. For each page, once a selection has been made, the correct answer will be revealed and some optional additional information can be viewed.



Eli Lilly and Company


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