3D rendered video loop for Deinland

We were tasked to create a background video for the Enignum service page from Deinland Solar development. A quick concept was generated with the help of image generative AI, highlighting the most important aspects – a dreamy and atmospheric but peaceful landscape with a mysterious asymmetrical orb floating above the scene. The video should contain a 10 second loop with animated grass, clouds and their shadows, effects and the orb itself.

The 3D scene

The biggest challenges were recreating the concept as closely as possible and maintaining a seamless looping animation of objects and effects. A hair simulation plugin was used to animate and loop the grass waving in the wind. Other effects like cloud shadows, background effects or light shafts have been created and animated by hand to capture a dreamy aesthetic. The scene was set up in Maya and rendered in Vray.



Deinland Solar Development GmbH


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