Energy Capture

Renewable energy VR game for Mishkat Interactive Center

Energy Capture VR is a Cardboard game featuring three levels based around the renewable energy sources: wind, solar and hydroelectricity. Our client, Mishkat Interactive Center, focuses on inspiring and teaching younger generations in Saudi Arabia about atomic and renewable energy. The goal of the game was to teach the basic concept of renewable power production methods in a playful and engaging way to younger people.

We collaborated with Visual Experience, a VR company based in Saudi Arabia, to handle communication, translation and quality assurance.

The game supports most modern smart phone devices and 2 languages (english and arabic), and features 3 levels with unique game design, a scoreboard and soundtrack. It can be played by using any Google Cardboard glasses, or without any additional hardware with the gyroscopic sensor of your phone.



Mishkat Interactive Center

Communication, Translation and additional QA

Visual Experience