Webvideo and Key Visual for Deinland Solar Development GmbH

We were tasked with the creation of a beautiful website video loop as well as a key visual graphic for the new launch of Deinland Solar Development GmbH. Deinland is a German based energy management company with the goal of bringing Germany closer to a renewable, solar energy driven future. More precisely, the company identifies possible solar power expansion locations based on profitability and efficiency using advanced automation and AI tools and then develops those areas with solar panels installations. The video and visual should highlight exactly that, automated identification and development of different solar applications – from lakes to industrial rooftops to fields and hills.

Unreal Engine 5

Due to the projects short time-frame, we chose to produce the 10 second loop in Unreal Engine 5 so we could have more flexibility and almost real-time render times in our workflow, making use of the engines new Nanite and Lumen technologies to get the most out of the final product. While sometimes unstable (UE5 was still in Beta at the time), the engine has proven to be a powerful and more importantly flexible tool for rendering high fidelity videos of complex scenes.

Key Visual

Once the video was completed, a more detailed but significantly lower scale key visual was created as well. It shows a small section of land with several solar applications on display – private housing, open fields, and industrial roof installations. We needed more control over small details and had more time available for rendering, so we produced the key visual with traditional ray traced rendering in Maya.



Deinland Solar Development GmbH


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