Avesor Explorer

Interactive software analytics in VR

Avesor Explorer is designed to provide easy and structured visualizations of otherwise unclear and confusing legacy software systems like Cobol, RPG or PL/1. Utilizing VR technology, developers and management alike get to see a complete overview of their software system, with many features to identify possible problem areas and dependencies. The apps main features include the visualization of the software system itself in form of nodes and lines, an extensive filter menu to focus on specific elements of the system, a table which supports sorting and marking, and co-working, which allows up to 4 users to simultaneously look around the system in VR, PC or on an Android tablet.

Data visualization for complex systems

Information about complexity, size, domain and many more are visible at a glance, by utilizing shapes, colors, animation and effects. Additionally, a detailed table provides a more complete look on the system and comes with sorting algorithms for every category. We have included advanced filter mechanics, which allow users to find and analyze very specific elements about the system. The application also features remote update functionality and is currently available in two languages (German and English).

2D display and co-working

We have added further functionality and usability by creating a separate version for PC and Android tablet, with traditional 2D user interface options. Avesor explorer also features co-working and presentation modes, where up to four people can connect via local network connection and across different devices. Oculus Go devices can connect together with Android tablets and Windows PCs to work together on the same data analysis scene.




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Source Code analysis and distribution


App development and design