Verzenios Molecule Puzzle

Verzenios Molecule Puzzle is an interactive application developed for the POST-SABCS event hosted by the ABCSG (Austrian breast & colorectal cancer study group). The client Lilly wished to spark visitors’ interest in Verzenios, their targeted medicine to treat a type of breast cancer. Which is why the application was designed for a transparent OLED touch display and was also deployed on iOS tablets. The application consists of a small puzzle game, in which the player has to put the medicines molecular structure back together, followed up by a small brand oriented quiz.

We wanted to keep the apps visuals close to Verzenios’s brand design, which is why we decided to go for 2D instead of 3D content. The simple and clean graphic sprites provide a modern and user-friendly interface. Visual feedback was a strong focus in design, which provides for an enjoyable experience. Button and sprite graphics are animated when idle, as well as when interacted with.

Because individual visitors would only spent a short time at the display, the app is quite short. The puzzle part had to be designed easily understandable, which is why we only relied on familiar touch controls with drag and drop mechanics. Usability was further strengthened by a short tutorial animation at the beginning.

Client: Eli Lilly and Company
Agency: Cake Kommunikation