Product Visualization Showcase

This showcase project is designed to demonstrate a variety of products in different configurations, both as traditionally rendered 3D images and real-time rendered product visualizations. We developed a media and platform independent workflow which allows us to create several output variants simultaneously. 3D renderings allow for much higher resolution and detail, as well as more advanced and realistic effects such as refraction, dispersion or sub-surface-scattering. Real-time applications, while visually inferior, provide the user with the possibility to view the product in any angle and distance, change color and configurations of the product or play 3D or graphic animations in real time.

This project serves as a showcase to present our skills and experience in product visualization. We may continue to add new and different products, as well as new features to this product.

A video of the realtime version can be seen here.

Currently included products: compact camera

Currently supported features: orbiting and zooming the camera, interactive menu to change color and display different animations

Currently supported platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, WebGL

Static images were rendered in V-Ray, the application was built in Unity 3D.