Avesor Explorer

The Avesor Explorer is an innovative and interactive software analytics tool. It is designed to provide easy and structured visualizations of otherwise unclear and confusing legacy software systems like Cobol, RPG or PL/1. Utilizing immersive VR technology, users get to see a complete overview of their software system, with many features to identify possible problem areas and dependencies. The software systems source code will be analyzed automatically, which then provides the necessary information for the Avesor Explorer application. The source code itself does not need to be copied or transferred and can be analyzed on site.

We chose to design the application for the Virtual Reality device Oculus Go because of its wide field of view and 360° 3D visualization capabilities. In VR, users are able to see large amounts of information simultaneously, with very little overlapping elements. This maximizes efficiency and saves time compared to a regular display on a tablet or desktop PC. Additionally, the controller allows for intuitive and quick navigation and operation inside Avesor Explorer.

Information about complexity, size, domain and many more are visible at a glance, by utilizing shapes, colors, animation and effects. Additionally, a detailed table provides a more complete look on the system and comes with sorting algorithms for every category. We have also included advanced filter mechanics, which allow users to find and analyze very specific elements about the system. The application also features remote update functionality and is currently available in two languages (German and English).

Customization options are available on request, which include changes to interface colors, company logos or other features of the application.

If you would like to know more about Avesor Explorer feel free to take a look at: https://www.avesor.eu/en/avesor-explorer.html

Client: Avesor