Aberration is a survival horror game. The player is on board of a deep space science vessel named “Discovery”. You and your small crew are part of the first interstellar hyperspace travel, which ends in a frightening odyssey nobody could have expected. Lost in the depth of space you have to navigate through tight corridors or maintenance ducts, solve puzzles to unlock new areas and explore the damaged ship to uncover the truth about the fate of the Discovery and her crew.

The game features an explorable interactive environment with 5 main areas and several secondary ones, an inventory system with simple crafting and an enemy AI. Most of the geometry was rendered using dynamic lighting, with ambient lights and fine color tints added into baked light maps.

Aberration started as part of the education at the SAE Institute in Vienna and was later on continued as a free project, in collaboration with 25games.

Game design, level design, 3D modelling and baking, story and writing, programming and scripting done by VR-Interactive.
Concept Art, texturing and additional programming by 25games.
Sounddesign by Philip Rothensteiner
Music production by Lorenz Bachleitner
Animation and prop 3D modelling by Christopher Andreas Jörg.