webgl product visualization

If you’re a publisher of products, you’re probably using several different interactive rendering technologies. Most importantly, your product should look good and feel right when viewed from all angles.

Below, we walk you through using WebGL as the architecture of the interactive part of your website for publishing interactive 3D product renderings on your website. The end result should be immersive for consumers and indistinguishable from the original.

3D product configurators

Product configurators are the most common example of immersive product experiences on a website. The WebGL platform is perfect for product configurators that are typically animated and interactive, which makes them highly immersive. Different technologies allow you to create animated and interactive elements of your website. However, WebGL based product visualization is slim and straightforward to implement. Here are a few examples of what to consider when implementing WebGL based product visualization: 

  • Learn about animated products
  • Learn about interactive products
  • Learn about product configurators and interactive product configurators

WebGL: a JavaScript API for rendering 3D objects in your web browser

WebGL is a JavaScript API for rendering 3D objects in your web browser. A WebGL product configurator lets your clients configure 2D or 3D versions of products in a web browser like Internet Explorer. Additional features for streamlining rendering and interactivity deeply immerse your clients with your web content. 

Of course, creating flexible, high quality, animated 3D models by using various software packages and libraries for creating 3D models, and importing these 3D models into WebGL is mandatory for state-of-the-art product visualization. Your web content will just look better when using WebGL product visualization. To get started with your 3D product versions, you might:

  • Learn about the different technologies used to create your products
  • Learn about the different features of each technology
  • Learn about the workflow involved in creating an interactive product configurator

3D Product configurators: architecture, features and advantages

A WebGL based product configurator is the most common example of a web-based product configurator. They’re loaded with features and functions that allow you to configure products. The most common features of a well done product configurator are:

  • Automatic product configuration – when your customers create an account, your product configurator will automatically configure itself to your specifications. You can then save your customizations and access them from any device.
  • Product customization – your clients can configure every aspect of your product with one configurable field. This includes color, material, size, and more. You can also change the options and properties of the selected field using a dropdown list.
  • Import your own models – you can use your own models or download them from a large library of pre-made meshes and textures.
  • No additional plugins (other than WebGL) required – your product configurator will work seamlessly with as few libraries and additions as possible.
  • No additional storage – your product configurator will automatically store your configured options and properties in memory. You can access them from any device with a web browser.
  • No configuration is too small – you can let customers configure many options and properties in a small package.
  • No complicated math – the options and properties of your product configurator will be presented in an intuitive and intuitively clickable manner.
  • No ads or popups – your product configurator will not load any popups or track visitors by using your email address.
  • No commitment – your product configurator will be seamlessly available for operation and use on your website or mobile device.


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