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What WebGL is and what it offers

WebGL is a cross platform, royalty-free open web standard for a low-level 2D and 3D graphics API. WebGL differs from other web technologies because it is implemented using JavaScript. This allows developers to use HTML5/JavaScript and common web browser functionality of web browsers, and also provides a level of control over playback. WebGL has been designed and built by the industry for use in professional software development. It can be used in many different projects, such as: game engines, including unreal engine 4 and unity, or even as a content creation tool. The low-level nature of the WebGL API contributed to creation of libraries which are typically used to build things up in 3D graphics or objects. Although WebGL games can be played using a variety of different platforms, including the popular web browsers, mobile phones and tablets, some features of WebGL gaming are limited, such as the ability to switch between a number of 3D modes quickly and easily. WebGL games can also be manufactured with a variety of different game engines, including Unity, or Unreal.

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There are also some WebGL games, developed, designed and built by the Unity development team at the Unity 3D engine technologies project. Unity Technologies is a Unity-licensed Unity company that makes the Unity game engine and provides the Unity game content across a variety of platforms. As a creative technology company, Vr-interactive has been utilizing WebGL for interactive web experiences frequently. Experts and designers, who designed in real time graphics and shader programming in house, managed to invest in and achieve high quality experiences for the products of our clients.

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