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This report describes how VR can help employees learn and grow in a safer, more cost-effective way than traditional methods, and how Virtual Reality (VR) and Employee Assistance Technology can boost performance and happiness at work. Virtual training is as a service available to all VR platforms, including desktop, console, and mobile. We provide you with everything you need to get started in this fast-growing VR training industry.

Showcases for Virtual Reality Training

VR training applications are made possible by the use of Virtual Reality (VR). Developed primarily for business applications, VR enables employees to learn by doing, regardless of location, through intense, immersive virtual environments. Employees can upload their own videos, record speeches, and meet other employees in realistic simulations of real life situations. They can also request additional virtual reality training content from their company, team, all through the use of virtual reality headsets. 

The virtual reality (VR) training content is delivered in a highly realistic, pleasant, and easy to learn to operate VR environment. Features that make VR training so appealing to employees include: 

  • Real-time collaboration. Employees can collaborate remotely by using their company’s mobile device or computer. This eliminates the need for meetings, presentations, and documentation. Employees can also collaborate remotely by using their company’s mobile device or computer while in the virtual world, reducing training impact. 
  • Real-time learning. Employees can learn by doing, regardless of the time of day or location they are in, by experiencing real world scenarios and experiencing emotions in a safe and controlled environment. This allows for more effective learning in a safer environment. Research has shown that VR learning can be more cost-effective at scale than classroom or online training. Because of this, companies are currently implementing VR as part of their employee training programs. Some examples of VR companies using VR for their employee training include major and mid sized companies.

Immersive 360 video conferencing for corporate events. Using VR for corporate events allows employees to collaborate, search for relevant job opportunities, and connect in real-time from their personal computer.

See the most common barriers and how VR training might help you

Barriers to traditional training exist for a variety of reasons, including the cost of existing training facilities, the inability to deploy additional personnel due to space constraints, and the perceived time commitment involved in training. The use of physical training methods and equipment must meet strict safety and health and safety regulations in order to be used in a real life training environment.

Benefits of using VR training tools

However, when training occurs in a virtual environment, instead of using physical training methods and equipment, there are many benefits:

  • lower risk
  • less training infrastructure
  • more efficient use of training time
  • lower insurance premiums
  • fewer training locations
  • more efficient use of training space
  • fewer trainers
  • better outcomes
  • lower injury rates
  • fewer incidents on the job
  • fewer fatalities
  • higher graduation rates
  • fewer locations to train than classroom or online training
  • convenience
  • access
  • quick access to specialists
  • back-end monitoring
  • collaboration

VR training applications are made possible by the virtual reality (VR) technology. To this end, we have developed a comprehensive list of virtual reality implementations for various customers (references are available on our website). While this does not cover every virtual reality training requirement out there, it does give you an idea of what to look for when choosing the best virtual reality training company for your VR training needs. Keep in mind that some of the virtual reality software packages we feature may require additional purchasing steps, as well as additional documentation to support the purchase. Contact us if you need further information.

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