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Immerse Your Audience in a Virtual World

One of the biggest challenges facing enterprises today is to engage their audiences in a virtual world. However, for many of these enterprises, challenges of cost, accessibility, and lack of expertise still remain. Companies need only to think outside of the box and create innovative virtual experiences for their audiences.

Explore Our Virtual Reality Solutions 

We create VR experiences for clients to enjoy. From fitness centers to educational experiences to office environments to gaming expos, we create immersive experiences for your business.

Our mission is to help you kick start virtual reality services that will last a lifetime. Through our diverse portfolio of proven technologies, we create, customize, and deploy best practices to create the best environment for running trailblazing and industry leading virtual reality solutions for diverse areas such as:

  • VR & AR 360 Photos & 360 Video
  • Medical Virtual Medicine
  • Advanced Virtual Medicine
  • Medical Virtual Therapy
  • Medical Virtual Implantations
  • Banking, Financial Services, Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality
  • Transportation, Warehousing, Energy & Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing, Transportation, Real Estate, Education, Media & Entertainment
  • Educational Virtual Reality Solutions
  • Healthcare Virtual Reality Solutions
  • International Organizations
  • Entertainment
  • Promotion
  • Technology
  • Enterprise Cloud Services
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Consulting & Advisory

AR & VR Services & Products

Our mission is to create immersive experiences for your business. Through AR & VR services, we enable you to sell products, increase customer loyalty, and increase your online presence (your online presence is determined by many factors, but immersive virtual reality experiences put it to the next level). AR & VR services can be a combination of visual, auditory, haptic, and somatosensory perceptual information. Through advanced photo-realization, AR & VR services enable you to create appealing visual experiences, engaging your target audience while they are still young enough to make up their mind. AR & VR services are also able to activate special audiences who might not otherwise engage with your content. For example, if your audience is elderly or has mobility impairments, AR & VR services might be of use. If your target audience is young children or has learning disabilities, AR & VR services might be of use.

One Example of Our VR Technologies: Medical Virtual Reality Services

Our mission is to enable you to perform medical procedures and to improve patient care. By leveraging virtual reality technologies, medical research institutes can conduct rigorous clinical studies and provide accurate medical advice using virtual environments. VR provides researchers with a 360-degree view of their patients, their medical conditions, and the therapeutic options they have to explore new medical treatments. AR & VR services allow researchers to conduct virtual simulations and simulate surgery, diagnostics, and training using highly accurate virtual environments.

VR Interactive – Step into the Future with our AR & VR Services Technologies 

VR Interactive is a technology company that creates immersive experiences for your business. Our products enable you to explore, discover, and use different types of VR content including but not limited to, 360 Video, and much, much more, to activate special audiences who might not otherwise engage with your content.

You’re looking for creative AR & VR, VR imaging and improvements technologies? Tell us about it! We are problem solvers. The core that makes up an AR VR application is almost completely determined by the abilities of our engineers and team members, and by the software that is used to create it. As we mentioned earlier, most of the decisions that go into creating an AR VR application are definitely fundamental for its quality. We are problem solvers – thus, our AR VR development uses state-of-the-art underlying technology and platforms, which works, is rich of features, and completely gives you the chance to make it better: impress your users, market it, monetize it and raise the price tag of your products. 

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