interactive VR entertainment company

Interactive virtual reality can also be applied in the entertainment industry, providing customers numerous games, simulations and experiences including movies, games, virtual tours and so on. Video games are very popular when it comes to virtual reality: the unique gaming applications of immersive technology, the ability to transform the user experience, and appealing virtual objects have triggered the growth of VR-compatible consoles and games. Because of the high field of view and head tracking, VR allows games to be designed 360° around the player. These technologies work best when they resort to simple gameplay, while containing immersive visuals. Apps and related applications are designed and developed in-house using engines such as Unreal, and Unity 3D, ensuring high-quality projects. The VR experiences and games are then ported to many different platforms, including mobile, WebGL, AR, and Augmented Reality (AR).

The company’s portfolio includes: virtual reality games, simulations and experiences, virtual reality tours of historic sites, architectural models and construction plans, VR tours of museums and art galleries, VR games and apps for smartphones and game consoles, VR applications for desktop and mobile devices, VR for Healthcare Professionals. VR offers a wide array of new game-play elements. Because of the high field of view and head tracking, virtual reality allows games to be designed 360° around the player. Thanks to several strategic partnerships, whose aim is to create immersive and AI-powered entertainment experiences for mobile devices, VR-Interactive offers its customers a huge variety of VR services.

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