interactive product visualization

The future of customer’s engagement lies in interactive product visualization

Interactive product visualization works on every platform and gives the customer the possibility to try an item out before purchasing, making the interaction easier. The process of customization helps to create a link between the company’s offer and the client’s request. 3D product visualization solutions can be used in many different ways, such as: product configurators, interactive informational applications and sales tools. All of the mentioned tactics are used for specific purposes and for different stakeholders. It is very important to couple good visualizations with a product configuration software that provides intuitive and accurate user interfaces. In this case, what matters the most is the quality of the rendered product.

Designers are constantly optimizing the interactive product visualization for all devices – mobile as well as desktop – in order to offer customers a great experience in online stores. Interactive product visualization is a powerful tool when it comes to shopping on eCommerce brands and products. Customers can benefit from rich customization and integration of creative contexts including 2D, 3D, 3D Touch, AR, etc. Tech is having an impact on business decision-making as well. It allows for greater customization of products in physical space while providing a seamless online shopping experience. According to experts, interactive product visualization has the potential to lift brands into the hearts and minds of customers. Any business that wants to make it in the ever-changing e-commerce landscape will have to embrace this rapidly evolving trend or risk losing out on valuable market intelligence. As Lukas Bläuel, CEO of Vr-interactive, said, brands are using product configuration as a way to get customers to complete their purchase online before making any physical purchase. Customization is key to the eCommerce consumer experience. Augmented reality, 3D, and even traditional 2D images offer a compelling user experience.

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