interactive product visualization

Interactive product visualization

We are an interactive product design company with the ability to create high-quality 3D product models that provide customers with tools that interact with users. We provide a rich and flexible user interface that enables users to explore the product features, functions and options while performing specific actions on the interactive 3D model. It enables interactive product interaction through 3D, AR and 3D blend modes. It also enables interactive product visualization using custom made 3D models.

Interactive product visualization is exploding in popularity like never before

When it comes to interactive product visualization, there is one thing that most of the major mobile product vendors already agree on: high-quality images are king. The decisions a customer will ever make about where to place an order in-store, how much to spend, and what to get next are greatly impacted by the quality of the rendering and the choices presented during the purchase process. That is why it is so important to couple good visualizations with a product configuration software that provides intuitive and accurate user interfaces. When it comes to interactive product visualization, there is nothing worse than when a potential customer tries to place an order but gets confused or out of sync with the products on the display. The quality of the images that are produced depend on a variety of factors, which are optimized by us, including:

  • the resolution of the images stored on the GPU
  • the quality of the materials used for the models
  • the performance of the rendering engine
  • the visualization environment
  • The quality of the images that are produced also depends on the platform and device used to produce them. 

In the case of interactive product visualization, the quality of the rendered products is what matters the most. It is important to note that interactive product visualization requires no high-end graphics card capable of delivering high-quality images. In fact, one of the reasons why people rely on VR-Interactive, is that we optimize interactive product visualizations for all devices – mobile as well as desktop. That means your customers have a great experience in online stores even without state of the art hardware, while still getting perfect visualizations.

With our product visualization designers, you can make sure that your customers get the very best possible experience when it comes to shopping. We have been crafting product visualizations for years, with great product configuration, customization, and integration of our designs. Our designs integrate easily with websites for brands and products. Our designs provide rich customization and integration for customers to explore and understand before making a purchase. Our designs can be used in a wide range of creative contexts including 2D, 3D, 3D Touch, AR, etc. Our portfolio includes designs for Red Bull, Hofer, eww, Kaiserwetter, and more.

Interactive product visualization has emerged as a new medium for eCommerce

The cost of customizing products is skyrocketing and brands are fleeing regular e-Commerce PC-commerce platforms. But product customization isn’t the only thing that’s going through the roof. Tech is having an impact on business decision-making as well. Tech allows for greater customization of products in physical space while providing a seamless online shopping experience. This new realm of product customization opens doors to a whole new customer experience. Product visualization, previously a niche activity, is transforming into a mainstream one.

Interactive product visualization has the potential to lift brands into the hearts and minds of consumers. Any business that wants to make it in the ever-changing e-commerce landscape will have to embrace this rapidly evolving trend or risk losing out on valuable market intelligence.

“Brands are using product configuration as a way to get customers to complete their purchase online before making any physical purchases. More and more products are being created using customer data to target product preferences to certain geographic locations and gender preferences,” said Lukas Bläuel, CEO of VR interactive.

Customization is key to the e-commerce consumer experience. Augmented reality, 3D, and even traditional 2D images offer a compelling user experience. And because products can be customized online, there’s no need to leave the comfort of your physical home / online shop.

“The demand for customizations is high,” said Bläuel. “Brands use the data to improve the products they sell.”

Customization also helps reduce product returns while promoting sales. It is costly when a product returns because the product looks different from what was shown on the website. Product returns reduce overall product purchase profit and decrease brand loyalty.

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