ar products

3D product rendering

With AR technology, we let your consumers and employees see what certain products might look like on persons or in specific environments. To do so, this technology uses Modiface technology to scan lips and eyes, before overlaying different lip colours, eye-shadows, false lashes and so on. AR products can work on a wide variety of platforms, including smartphones and tablets. AR experience provides users real-time product interactions, allowing them to experience different events that are as real and immersive as possible. Many companies offer products that come from augmented reality technologies and they give the chance to their consumers to connect with them.

For example, many providers published augmented reality development tools like Google’s (ARCore) technology, which is making developing applications much easier. These tools have helped developers to reduce development costs. AR is used also in shopping and retail. We give consumers a virtual option to shop which might increase sales. This might give you the competitive edge in the COVID-19 pandemic. AR shopping can also provide unique and entertaining experiences. Evidence shows that virtual reality will increasingly be used and implemented by many companies, including in film creation, consumption of physical media such as books, music, etc. 

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