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Experiences and applications offered by AR

We deliver unique and immersive digital experiences using AR to engage consumers in a new and immersive way. It is an interactive experience – usually where 3D informative content is blended with live recordings of real environments, e.g., on the user’s smartphone. Many augmented reality experiences are placed in the entertainment and gaming businesses. Subsequently, augmented reality applications have spanned many other industries. For example, AR techniques are well suited for education purposes.

We offer enriched experiences by using AR for customers. With the help of AR technologies, information is digitally projected into the real world supporting for information, entertainment, professional training, or other purposes. More recently, Google and its community have created different AR experiences for shopping, searching for information and a way for users to express themselves. Examples of its use include Apple’s ARKit and Android’s ARCore. For retailers, AR seems to provide a way to target consumers with branded products and the convenience and accessibility of using AR in a store. While, for consumers, AR offers a way to access content they may not find anywhere else, as demonstrated by the increasing use of mobile AR in retail. AR seems to give a wider audience and greener image. 

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