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Augmented Reality is an interactive experience of the real-world. Real objects and places are enhanced by computer-generated information. AR is related to mixed reality and computer-mediated reality. In augmented reality, components of the digital world blend into a person’s video recordings of the real world, for example in the form of information enhancing parts of an environment. There are many applications out there, like gaming, or entertainment, or medicine, or education and business.

AR applications can be divided into three main areas: visuals, which present data in a user’s environment; audio and video, which present information in a user’s environment; and 3D objects, which present data in the user’s hand. As augmented technology becomes more sophisticated and the cost-saving and business applications expand, the demand and investment in AR will increase.

There are various kits and apps for AR application construction out there like Google’s ARCore for Android, which are powerful tools for developers to create AR apps. ARCore’s developer options include a viewer that allows users to see how an app will look in the world, as well as the built-in editor where it is possible to create a simple app without any additional software. Using the built-in editor, an augmented reality app is created in a few minutes. iOS allows users to create a virtual object with which they can interact. The app does not have built-in visual cues like a menu or a central view, so it features an animated virtual version of the object moving around in your hand.

You can also easily preview different versions of the object you are holding. Example application areas include archaeology, architecture, commerce and education. AR gaming software is probably the most common type of AR app, while computing headsets like Google Glass and heads-up displays in car windshields are other well-known consumer market uses of AR software.

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