3d visualization

Use and implementation in the business of 3D visualization: from gaming industry to architecture

3D visualization means creating graphics and renderings using 3D software. Many industries benefit from this technology ranging from architecture, film and games, to engineering and manufacturing. 3D visualization offers state-of-the-art product presentation in an immersive way. Customers can view in real-time while the website owner receives an analysis on customer behaviours and insights. With the improvement in technology, 3D visualization has now become easily accessible to most companies willing to offer a seamless shopping experience to customers. Computer generated imagery can be modified on the fly as product features change or as customers configure a product, which means that different versions or aspects of products could be added, removed or updated on the spot. 3D visualization is largely used in manufacturing of products: this allows customers to view the same object in various rendering, materials, forms or colors. For this reason, Vray is an in-house rendering software that uses 3D visualization techniques to create renderings that are as realistic as possible. Designers use 3D visualization to show the output in a 3D format in order to communicate ideas to the client. It also works for interior design: it provides a rich visualization of the interior of a building, which helps the client understand the atmosphere and impression of the interior, while following the technological changes. Customers can have a richer and more realistic sense of the size and scale of buildings.

 3d rendering of a digital camera.

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