3D development

The 3D world has seen tremendous advancements in the area of 3D development, whether it being the development of game engines like the Unity Engine, of web browser plugins to display 3D models like WebGL, 3D Printing, or advancements in VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality).

Application examples of 3D development

The adoption of virtual reality is only one example of the kind of things that are being done right now to give virtual reality a run for its money. VR allows users to interactively and virtually view 3D models in a modeled environment, e.g., via a VR headset like Oculus Rift. A traditional use of this lies in gaming.

Another example is the development of 3D for AR (augmented reality). While 3D for AR is still a young technology, it is set to change the way we interact with 3D and with the world forever. Users might interact with 3D models projected onto a real live video of the surrounding. Current use-cases include gaming, construction, architecture, professional training, industrial automation and automation technologies, as well as marketing and entertainment. Developers are constantly innovating to give AR a run for its money. Our company is responsible for creating world class interactive 3D models. 

We do have major customers that use our 3D models on their website created by artists and designers Bernhard Kainhofer and Lukas Bläuel, either for pure entertainment, or for interacting with a product.

Our 3D development services also include many professional and industrial application cases. For example, using an interactive AR design-simulator, an interior architect’s job is eased by previewing quickly the placement of objects like tables in interiors of buildings (i.e., kind of an industrial-design-simulator). Other applications include 3D systems to increase professional training (e.g., in medicine), or collaboration for industry-related and production companies using fully interactive 3D models introduced in VR or AR systems. 

Of course, one of the most famous applications of 3D is in the gaming industry. Since the broad application of 3D in gaming, downloads of games exploded and helped to generate millions of dollars in revenue. While the revenue generated has been great so far, the primary reason behind the companies’ success is because of using new 3D technology, which are in favor of the player. Almost half a billion dollars has been raised for charitable causes through the sale of in-game items such as in-game currency, in-game items such as cosmetic options and more.

We are your 3D development solution provider

We are real 3D professionals, and are eager to thoroughly support you in realizing 3D projects. As 3D developers, we are opting for making a significant impact on your business. As a result of the work of us, you will get 3D applications and support that make a difference to make a positive impact on such varied things as employer and customer satisfaction, increasing revenues, and more. In short we provide you with the following advantages:

  • We provide industry leading services and products
  • Solutions for big teams to accomplish big dreams
  • Turbocharge your productivity
  • Years of industry related experience
  • Our company has many big-player references who trust us
  • Realize your 3D dreams

Currently, there are many past and current projects where we made a real difference for businesses. With that in mind, we have created a unique position within the 3D industry, where you can profit from. 

Write us to stay informed and get notified about latest updates related to 3D development, and to receive interesting things to read about past and upcoming events and projects of our company in 3D development. We are also happy to consult you and provide you with everything you need to succeed to become a global leader in your field.

Write us and an employee of our development team will get involved into your 3D project. We are experienced 3D design engineers and would like to become a partner for your teams. Please submit your project proposal. Our 3D software engineering team is always accepting applications for implementing new, promising projects.

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